[IIOE2-EP03] Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction (RAMA)

Cruise No. EP03-3

Period of Cruise: 05 - 18 January, 2017

Chief Scientist: Dinesh Kothandaraman, INCOIS, India.    dinesh@incois.gov.in

This multi-institutional cruise- the third under the IIOE2 Endorsed Project EP03, RAMA- was taken up on board the Indian Research Vessel ORV Sagar Kanya between 05 January and 18 January 2017. During the cruise, the following targeted tasks were accomplished:

  1. Recovery and redeployment of three RAMA (1 ATLAS pCO2 & 2 TFLEX) buoys.
  2. Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) profiles at the RAMA locations.
  3. Water sampling at RAMA buoy locations at different depths.
  4. AUTOSAL measurements.

The participants included scientists from INCOIS-Hyderabad, NIOT-Chennai, NCAOR-Goa and NOAA-PMEL.

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Planned Cruise Track