The principles underlying the structure and representativeness of the IIOE Steering Committee (SC) were first specified in the STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK for the implementation of IIOE-2.


The sponsors of IIOE-2 are IOGOOS, SCOR and UNESCO-IOC. Collectively these autonomous international bodies, each involved in the science in the Indian Ocean, takes responsibility for facilitating funding of the infrastructure of IIOE-2 including resourcing of the two Joint Program Offices (JPOs) with nodes in India and Australia.

Working Procedure of the three Co-Chairs representing the three sponsors     Download

Governance framework

A duly constituted Steering Committee (SC) sets the high-level policies and take responsibility for the delivery of the project over the 2015-2020 period (see Implementation Strategy).

IIOE-2 Joint Project Office (JPO)
The JPO defines the nodal point network for IIOE-2 delivery and has day-to-day responsibility for the coordination & implementation of IIOE-2. Two major nodes of the the JPO have been established: in India (INCOIS, Hyderabad) and in Australia (IOC Perth Program Office, PPO). The JPO facilitates all aspects of IIOE-2, particularly the science and associated infrastructure as well as capacity building, operational coordination, outreach/communication, data/information management, etc.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) consists of a Core Group and a Stakeholder Group as structured below:

Steering Committee

Core Group

Heads of the two JPOs - Nick D'Adamo & Satya Prakash, as ex-officio members
Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin
Dr. Peter Burkill
Dr. Satheesh Shenoi
Ben Milligan (Chair ST1), P N Vinayachandran/Yukio Masumoto (Co-Chairs ST2), Adrian Matthews/Joaquim Goes (Co-Chairs ST3), Amit Tandon/Helen Phillips (Co-Chairs ST4), Chari Pattiaratchi (Chair ST5), Jerome Dyment (Chair ST6), Hermann Bange/Raleigh Hood(Co-Chairs WG01), Cynthia Chandler/Harrison O. Ong'Anda (Co-Chairs WG02), Zainal Arifin/Behrooz Abtahi (Co-Chairs WG03), Shailesh Nayak/Rajan Sivaramakrishnan (Co-Chairs WG04), Faiza Al-Yamani (Chair, WG5), Rezah M. Badal (Chair WG6) and Nick D'Adamo/Satya Prakash (Co-Chairs WG07) plus Johnson Kazungu (Chair, IOC Africa), M. A. Atmanand (Chair, IOCINDIO), Somkiat Khokiattiwong/Kentaro Ando (Co-Chairs IOC WESTPAC)

Stakeholder Group
One representative per each IIOE-2 'National committee'
One representative (i.e. PI) per each 'major' IIOE-2 scientific research initiative, including a representative of the Early Career Scientists Network from the Capacity Development Working Group

Chairs/ Co Chairs of the Science Themes, Working Groups and Representatives of Regional Bodies

Core Group

The Core Group comprises, besides the three Co-Chairs, an Executive level with one representative (leader) per each of the six Science Themes and each of the seven operational divisions (Working Groups) derived from the IIOE-2 Science Plan. In addition, the Executive is composed of representatives of key Indian Ocean-related IOC Regional Bodies and Committees and Head of the two JPOs.

Stakeholder Group

This Group comprises (i) a Regional Coordination Level consisting of representatives of IIOE-2 'National Committees'; and (ii) a Science Delivery Level, with a leading scientist (typically the Chair or the PI) from each major science initiative endorsed/implemented under the IOE-2's science framework. The JPOs will communciate with and advise these Groups as necessary.

Chair/Representative of the IIOE-2 National Committees

The representatives of the Science Delivery Level are the following PIs of the IIOE-2 Endorsed projects/activities:

  • 1. Dr. Rashid Sumaila

    PI The University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Canada IIOE2-EA01

    2. Dr. P. N. Vinayachandran

    PI IISc, Bengalru India IIOE2-EP01

    3. Dr. M. Ravichandran

    PI NCAOR, Goa India IIOE2-EP02 and IIOE2-EP03

    4. Dr. Michael Roberts

    PI Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa and National Oceanography Centre
    UK IIOE2-EP04

    5. Dr. Lynnath Beckley

    PI Murdoch University Australia IIOE2-EP05 and IIOE2-EP06

    6. Dr. Hermann Bange

    PI GEOMAR, Kiel Germany IIOE2-EP07 and IIOE2-EP10

    7. Dr. Charitha Pattiaratchi

    PI University of Western Australia Australia, Perth IIOE2-EP08

    8. Dr. Greg Cowie

    PI University of Edinburgh UK IIOE2-EP09

    9. Dr. Shaun Dolk

    PI NOAA Global Drifter Program, FL USA IIOE2-EP11

    10. Dr. Arvind Singh

    PI Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad India IIOE2-EP12

    11. Dr. Weidong Yu

    PI The first Institute of Oceanography, Qingdao China IIOE2-EP13

    12. Dr. Oleg Levchenko

    PI P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow Russia IIOE2-EP14

    13. Dr. Victor Neiman

    PI P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow Russia IIOE2-EP15

    14. Dr. Sunil K. Singh

    PI Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad India IIOE2-EP16

    15. Dr. R. Venkatesan

    PI National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai India IIOE2-EP17

    16. Dr. Bijoy Nandan Sivasankaran

    PI Cochin University of Science and Technology India IIOE2-EP18

    17. Dr. Katsuro Katsumata


Terms of Reference for the Chairs of the Science Themes and Working Groups