[IIOE2-EP17] Real-Time Meteorological and Oceanographic Data collection using Moored Buoy Network in Indian Seas (OON-INDIA)

Cruise No. EP17-1

Period of Cruise: 07 - 31 March, 2017

Chief Scientist: S. Elango, NIOT, India    selango@niot.res.in

This cruise, which forms a component of the IIOE-2 endorsed project EP-17, was conducted on board the Indian Research vessel ORV Sagar Kanya during March 2017. It was aimed at retrieving and redeploying three OMNI(Ocean Moored buoy Network for Northern Indian Ocean) buoys and one CAL-VAL buoy in the Arabian Sea.

The participants included scientists from NIOT-Chennai and technicians from M/s Elektroniklab, Chennai.

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