[IIOE-EP26] Regional Research Cruises in the Western Indian Ocean

Cruise No. EP26-1

Period of Cruise:17 October, 2017- 13 November, 2017

Chief Scientist:  

The South African oceanographic research vessel, the SA Agulhas II undertook its first cruise in the framework of IIOE-2 (Cruise IIOE2-EP26) from Durban, South Africa on 17 October 2017 to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and ending in Durban on 13 November 2017. The cruise, which was coordinated by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), offered opportunities for oceanographic surveys and training off the coasts of South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania. The topics covered included physical oceanography, chemical Oceanography, biological oceanography, benthic biodiversity, marine top predators (whales, seabirds), marine geology, and social sciences. IOCís Sub Commission for Africa (IOCAFRICA) and IOGOOS sponsored the participation of 20 marine scientists and students from Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania in the cruise. IOCAFRICA in collaboration with DEA and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) organized a special session on IIOE-2 at 10th Scientific Symposium of WIOMSA (30 October Ė 4 November 2017, Dar es Salaam), and an Open Day on board the SA Agulhas II on 2 November 2017 in order to raise awareness on the expedition and engage marine scientists and resource managers from the region in the expedition.

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